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Single Use Codes[edit | edit source]

About Single Use Codes Usage Scenarios Code Volume
These codes vend a full service. They are scanned at the barcode reader or entered on a keypad, and expire after one use. You may send one or multiple single use codes to a customer, and set an expiration time/date.

Rewash Credit - if a customer is not satisfied with their wash, you can send a single use code to allow them a rewash 'on the house'. You can specify the wash package the code will vend in Hosted Solutions.

Loyalty Reward - you could issue single use codes to your most loyal customers. For example, you could send a code during a holiday to thank them for their business.


  1. 25 individual codes per day
  2. no bulk/batch code generation


  1. 100 individual codes per day
  2. Up to 100 batch-generated codes per day


  1. up to 1000 individual codes per day
  2. up to 500 batch-generated codes per day

Wash Bundles[edit | edit source]

About Wash Bundles Hosted Solutions Configuration Wash Bundle Setup
You can sell wash bundles directly at an HTK/CTK or Commander kiosk, when you add the feature to your Hosted Solutions account. This allows you to sell multiple washes to a customer at once, for subsequent redemption by either barcode or a 9-digit code entry. The set-up of bundles requires configuration both in Hosted Solutions and in the HTK/CTK or Commander.
  1. Go to SETTINGS > Kiosk Items
  2. Choose New
  3. Set the Item Type to Wash Bundle
  4. The SKU needs to be set to a unique number or letter that isn’t being used by any other Kiosk Items
  5. Enter the Price to be charged for the entire bundle of codes
  6. Enter a name to identify the bundle
  7. Click Save

Now that the wash bundle has been created, you will need to enable them and set their specific details:

  1. From the main menu, go to Codes> Wash Bundles
  2. Auto Select and Allow Upgrades will have additional info added at the end of this process. For now, leave them in their default settings
  3. Wash Bundle Messages allows you to customize the message that will be printed on the bottom of the receipt (where it will show the remaining use count of a customers wash bundle purchase). If you wish to edit the default message, click the Edit button, make your changes, and then click Save.
  4. Under the Wash Bundles header, choose New on the far right
  5. Select one of the bundles you already created under Wash Bundle
  6. Choose the wash the customer will receive under Vend Item
  7. Max Uses is the number of washes that the code is good for or the number of times the code can be redeemed. Only one code is actually issued
  8. Has Expiration should be checked if you want the codes to expire within a certain date range. Checking the box will open the proper fields to enter the expiration time
  9. Click Save

Configuration in Hosted Solutions is now complete. The next step is to program the HTK/CTK or Commander Kiosk.

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