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Create Kiosk Items Details to Know Screenshot

Hosted Solutions needs to be able to identify your wash packages being dispensed at the kiosk, this allows for more accurate and detailed auditing and transaction tracking.

  1. Navigate to the Settings menu (The gear) and click on “Kiosk items.” This will load your Kiosk item grid.
  2. In the right-hand header of the grid, there is the “New” link to add a new kiosk item to Hosted Solutions.
  3. Once the “Add new Item” window opens, you will choose the type of item. For these instructions we will focus on a wash.
  4. Choosing “Wash” and moving down to the next field.
  5. You must assign an Item ID. This Item ID is typically the Wash order of the item (EX. Your top wash is the Supreme and fires on Relay 1, this would be item ID 1) There is a maximum of 8 Item ID’s, each unique to its wash item. You can duplicate Item IDs for the intent of separating similar washes such as soft cloth and touchless.
  6. Once the Item ID is set, it is time to set a unique alphanumeric SKU to assist any kiosk in finding the correct item associated in Hosted Solutions. SKUs can be as simple as “Super” for the super and so on and so forth or they can be a combination of letters and numbers such as “SPRWS12” which may mean Super Wash $12. This value must match the value assigned to the specific item if the kiosk is an HTK/CTK/ or CM. GoldLine Kiosks do not utilize the SKU.
  7. Once the SKU is set, the price that is at the kiosk needs to be entered.
  8. Enter a name of this kiosk item.
  9. Enter the details of the wash as we will use the details later to save you some typing if you have the Mobile App.

Once this information is filled out for each of your kiosk items you will have successfully finished telling Hosted Solutions what is offered at your kiosks.

To begin setting up kiosk items, there are a few things you will need to know.

  • The order of your kiosk items which correlates to your Item ID
  • If you are using an HTK/CTK or Commander: the related SKU for each wash item
  • Pricing details for each item
  • The package details for each item
  • If you have distinct types of washes (Soft cloth/touchless)

Setting up kiosk items once you have this information is a straightforward process.

New Kiosk Item Window