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Dashboard Widgets are displayed on the main page of Hosted Solutions. Users can specify which widgets are displayed, and organize them automatically or manually.

Daily Income Widget

Clicking on Settings next to the Daily Income On/Off triggers a pop-up menu that presents the options that can be displayed within this widget
Settings menu (click to enlarge)


  • Cash Income: provides a dollar amount generated by cash transactions (coins & bills).
  • Credit Income: provides a dollar amount generated by credit card transactions.
  • Fleet Income: Lorem ipsum
  • Fleet: Lorem ipsum
  • Pay As You Go:
  • Total Income: The sum of all income methods.


  • Gift Cards: provides a dollar amount generated by gift card transactions
  • Tokenotes: provides a dollar amount generated by redemption of Hamilton Tokenotes
  • Code Coupons: provides a dollar amount generated by code coupons. For example, if you offered a $1 off code coupon and three customer used the code, the displayed amount would be $3.
  • Prepaid: Lorem ipsum
  • Total Redeemed: the sum of all 'Redeemed' methods


Example of Counts
  • Wash Count: the number of washes vended for the day
  • Buy-Up Count: if you have programmed buy-ups/add-ons for your services, they will be displayed here
  • Bay Timers: the number of uses for self-serve bays
  • Vacuums: the number of uses for vacuums
  • Total Transactions: Lorem ipsum

Passes Widget

If your location(s) uses Hamilton's ExpressPass RFID system, you will be able to view relevant reporting in this widget.

Prepaid Pass Income

  • Signups: this row displays in dollars the amount of new signups for the day/month.
  • Recurring Billing: this row displays existing ExpressPass customers who are billed monthly for their subscriptions.
  • Fleet: displays daily and monthly dollar amounts for fleet customers. Fleet accounts are tyically billed at the end of the month after total use is calculated.
  • Pay As You Go: displays daily and monthly revenue from customers who use the Pay As You Go payment method with ExpressPass.
  • Total: provides a total dollar amount (both daily and monthly) of revenue taken via ExpressPass.


  • Prepaid uses: displays a daily and monthly total of services vended to prepaid customers.
  • Fleet Uses: displays a daily and monthly total of services vended to your fleet customers.
  • Pay As You Go Uses: displays a daily and monthly total of services vended to customers using the Pay As You Go pass type.
  • Total: aggregates Prepaid, Fleet, and Pay As You Go uses for a grand daily and monthly total.


  • Prepaid Signups: displays a daily and monthly count of how many new customers have signed up for the prepaid pass type.
  • Fleet Signups: displays a daily and monthly count of how many new fleet customers have been signed up.
  • Pay As You Go Signups: displays a daily and monthly count of how many new customers have signed up for the Pay As You Go pass type.

Equipment Status

Equipment Status widget

All sites linked to a Hosted Solutions account are displayed on a map, with color-coded pins that provide a status on each location.



All equipment is functioning without error



Equipment is functioning, but there are soft errors



Equipment is down and not functioning

Hovering over a map pin will display an informational popup. Yellow and Red map pins will display relevant error messages, and you can click on the site name within this popup to be taken to a secondary page with additional information.

What is a soft/yellow error?

In this state, the equipment is still functioning but there are issues that may impede customer transactions. For example:

  • a hopper could be out of change, meaning customers may not get back all of the change they are owed
  • receipt paper might be about to run out

What is a catastrophic/red error?

This means that the equipment is down. For example:

  • Power outage


Due to technical issues, the weather widget is currently suspended.

Income by Location

A bar graph displays the daily dollar count for each location tied to Hosted Solutions.

Income by Hour

This widget breaks down daily income by the hour. Use this data to spot trends and develop strategies to ensure your business has a steady and consistent throughput regardless of the time of day. For example, if your business is slower in the morning hours, you could develop an 'Early Bird Special' to drive traffic to your location(s).

Income (Pie Chart)

Breaks down your daily income into an easy-to-read pie chart.

Item Counts

Displays counts for each item you are vending. Items could be, for example, the car wash packages or the parking time blocks customers can select.

Sales by Location

This breaks down daily sales by location and presents data in a bar graph. Both the total dollar amount per location, and the total amount of services sold are displayed.


This pie chart shows you everything that has been redeemed at your location(s). This can include:

  • Gift cards
  • Tokenotes
  • ExpressPass RFID tag reads
  • Coupon Codes
  • Receipt Codes
  • Single-Use Codes