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Exact Hosted Configuration[edit | edit source]

  • The first step in setting up Hosted Checkout is starting the process to obtain a production account with E-xact Transactions.
  • Log in to https://pos.e-xact.com
  • If you have multiple accounts select the account that has the Gateway ID entered in Hosted Solutions.
  • Make sure you have a Terminal with the E-Commerce Transaction (CVV2) type. This Terminals Gateway ID and password should be the Gateway ID and password entered in Hosted Solutions.
  • Select Payment Pages
  • Click Create New Payment Page
  • Fill out Payment Page Title and Notification Email
  • Click Next
  • Check Enable Credit Card Payments
  • Select the Merchant and Terminal
  • Click Next
  • Under Receipt Page Settings select Link to the receipt page including result parameters using HTTP POST method (POST)
  • Click Next
  • Skip Receipt Emails
  • Skip Appearance
  • Under Encryption Type select MD5
  • If Transaction Key and/or Response Key are blank click Generate New Transaction/Response Key
  • Click Create
  • Click on the Payment Page ID for the Payment Page you just created.
  • Click on Hash Calculator.
  • On the Hash Calculator copy both the Login(x_login) and Transaction Key value. These are both used for the E-xact Hosted settings on Hosted Solutions.
  • In Hosted Solutions Select E-xact Hosted in your Loyalty Settings.
  • Enter your Gateway ID and password, and the Login(x_login) value and Transaction Key.