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Hosted Solutions Guide - Ver. 1.0 - 4/2021

About Hosted Solutions[edit | edit source]

Hosted Solutions is a cloud-based platform developed by Hamilton Manufacturing that allows its users to manage loyalty initiatives and business data for single or multiple locations.

Features available include :

  • Custom Mobile App
  • ExpressPass RFID
  • LPR License Plate Recognition
  • Wash Bundles
  • Single Use Code
  • Receipt Code
  • Sales & Usage

First Time Setup & New Users[edit | edit source]

This section is recommended before going any further. The items in this section will make sure that all the required information has been entered into Hosted Solutions. This information will build the foundation for all services and features that are utilized through the rest of Hosted Solutions.

How to Sign in[edit | edit source]

Access Hosted Solutions by visiting in your browser. You will be prompted to enter your user credentials in the email and password fields.

• Click Sign In.

Login Screen
You will now be taken to the main Hosted Solutions dashboard.

When you first log on, you will be prompted to read and accept the Terms and Conditions.

This is mandatory to be able to utilize the Hosted Solutions platform.

Setting up the Dashboard[edit | edit source]

The Hosted Solutions dashboard can be configured to display various types of information about your business. Data is displayed in lists, pie charts, and bar graphs. More information on the functionality of each widget can be found on the Dashboard Widgets help page.
By default, all widgets are displayed. To change what is displayed, perform the following:
  • Click the Tool icon in the upper-right corner of the screen​​​​​​
  • From the pop-out menu, select the options you want to display
  • Click 'Save'

Hosted Solutions will automatically arrange the widgets. However, by selecting 'Edit' in this same menu, you can move the widgets around to create a customized arrangement.

Tool Icon

Setting Up Kiosk Items[edit | edit source]

It is crucial to set up Kiosk Items when first using Hosted Solutions. If these are not established, you will be unable to create Awards, issue Codes, or configure items to sell in the Custom Mobile App.

  1. Click the gear icon on the left sidebar, it is labeled Settings. This will drop down the Settings sub menu. Click on Kiosk Items. An empty six-column table will load.
  2. Click 'New' in the far-right column to create your first item.
  3. Enter the appropriate information:

  • Item Type: Currently set to 'Wash'. This cannot be changed.
  • Item ID: This should correspond with the same Item ID in the HTK, CTK, or Gold Line. For example, if the package 'Ultimate Wash' is assigned as 'Item 1' in the kiosk, the Item ID in Hosted Solutions must also be Item 1.
  • SKU: Enter a SKU that can easily identify your item, for example 'Wash: Ultimate'.
  • Name: The name of the corresponding package. In this example, it would be 'Ultimate Wash'.

Click Save. Your kiosk item should now be saved. Repeat the process until you have added all of the items you want to vend.

Setting Up Locations[edit | edit source]

A Site Analysis Form is included in the Hosted Solutions order form.

Hamilton requests that one of these forms is completed for each location you want reporting and connected to Hosted Solutions. This allows us to set up all of your location data prior to activation of your subscription. While you may add or edit locations yourself from within Hosted Solutions.
It is highly recommended you only use this ability when you are adding or editing location details/amenities

Setting up Merchant Account Information[edit | edit source]

To process credit cards for ExpressPass (RFID) and the Mobile App, you will need to save your merchant account information to Hosted Solutions.

  1. Navigate to SETTINGS > Credit Card Settings in the side navigation menu.
  2. Here you will have the option of choosing your Gateway and entering in your account specific data.

Gateway Choices

  • Exact: This is the legacy account for E-xact processing. For compatibility we keep this option but highly recommend the Exact Hosted choice.
  • Exact Hosted: This is the preferred selection for our US based customers who are currently not using EMV readers and are utilizing the E-xact gateway. This also provides service to our Canadian customers who utilize the Hamilton Custom Mobile App.
  • Moneris: This selection is the current provider in our Canadian regions that handle EMV transactions. This is only for if a site does not utilize the Hamilton Custom Mobile App.
  • Payment Express: Another legacy gateway to provide compatibility to some of our early adopters of EMV and Hosted Solutions.
  • Worldpay: Our newest gateway that handles EMV/Mobile transactions in the US. This selection supports both the Hamilton Custom Mobile App as well as EMV equipped kiosks.

Setting Up Email[edit | edit source]

It is important to associate an email account to Hosted Solutions during the initial set up. This will allow you to email receipts, invoices, and codes to customers.

  1. Click SETTINGS > Email Setup. You will see a simple form that needs to be completed with the following fields:
    • Email Address: This is the email address you will use to send outgoing emails.
    • Email Name: The name that will be shown to email recipients. Most commonly, it will be your business name. We have locked the Business Email choice as to send email through your business email as this allows you to log in to your mail client to see all of the emails and codes that have been issued.
    • SMTP Username: The email address you will use to send email. If this varies from your Email Address then please uncheck "SMTP Username same as From Email Address"
    • SMTP Password: The password for your email account.
    • SMTP Server: The server you are going to connect to for sending email. For example, if you were using Yahoo, the server address would look like this:
    • SMTP Port: This is determined by your email provider. Typically this is 465 or 587
    • Use SSL: You must verify this with your ISP or email provider. Most modern SMTP servers require this.
  2. Click Save
  3. Test Email Settings (optional): click the 'Test Email' button to send an email test to any address you specify. If the test address receives the 'Email Test' message, you have successfully configured your email settings.

User Management[edit | edit source]

If you would like to add or edit user access to the Hosted Solutions platform:

    • Click on Settings>User Management, You will see a list of all current users. On this screen you can :
      • Edit existing users
      • Delete existing users
      • Add a New User

If you are creating a new user, you will require a username and a valid email address that the user can access. When editing an existing user, you can make changes to the username or roles the user is eligible for.

Roles and Definitions

  • Administrator: Users with this checked can make unrestricted changes to Hosted Solutions. This includes prices, discounts, codes, adding or removing other users and all other functions of the platform.
  • Edit loyalty Account: Users with this checked can make changes to ExpressPass existing account settings such as ; Card Info, Account Settings, Members, etc.
  • Manage App Users: Users with this checked can make changes to Mobile User accounts. This includes password resets and changes to contact info. A user with these rights can also edit any Wash Club, or Loyalty options as well as remove a credit card on file.
  • Notifications: Users with this checked can view the notifications page, and send mobile users messages on behalf of the company.
  • Setup Loyalty Account: Users with this checked can register new ExpressPass members and setup accounts for RFID.

[edit | edit source]

Customize Your Invoices and Reports
If you want to add a touch of personalization to your invoices and reports, you can assign a logo to be printed on various reports, emailed receipts, and invoices. To do this simply follow these four easy steps.

  1. Click SETTINGS > Logos
  2. CLick 'Edit'.
  3. Browse your computer for the location that has your logo saved.
  4. Select 'Upload Image'

Maximum Recommended Logo Dimensions
• 400px Wide
• 200px Tall

Reporting[edit | edit source]

Hosted Solutions offers a variety of reporting methods that can be exported in various different file formats. There are four main categories that are used to break down reporting sections and provide a faster and easier way to locate sales information.

1. Sales & Usage The site as a whole picture. Under this header you can find ways to separate and identify such things as daily and hourly reporting as well as total revenue being generated and current sales transactions. You can even identify credit cards of customers that will be expiring within a 30, 60, or 90 day time frame.
2. Mobile App Reporting features that are designed to give you insight into the effectiveness and success of your custom mobile app. If you have a custom mobile app with us, then this is your direct window into how the app is being used by your customers daily. Here you can find washes being purchased to how many times they use AirPay or promotions. You will even find any washclub reports in this category.
3. ExpressPass The category designed to provide a central location to see an overview of your RFID customers activity as well as detailed account usage and invoices.
4. Codes Quick and easy way to find what single use codes have been generated and who the code was distributed to, as well as the item associated with it. The liability report can show you how much value you currently have out in codes and help you adjust expiration dates and times to reduce overall liability.

Sales & Usage[edit | edit source]

These reports combine information from all areas of Hosted Solutions to provide overview reports based on various factors from Hourly Use, Revenue Reports, direct Usage reports and more. See the complete list of reports and information on what each of these reports contains below.

Daily Report[edit | edit source]

This report details how many items you have sold within a 24 hour period. For example:

You sold 10 Basic Washes, 10 Deluxe Washes, 10 Premium Washes and 10 Ultimate Washes all between 9am and 10am, you would see a total count of 40 items for that time period.

The bottom of the report aggregates your gross sales, the gross average, net sales, and net average for the specified day.

Hourly Use Report[edit | edit source]

This basic report allows you to itemize various transactions on the hourly basis. Recurring Billing and Loyalty Signup is tracked as well as any individual washes or time used at self serve bays.

Revenue Report[edit | edit source]

By default, the Revenue report will show you the Month-to-Date data. You can specify any date range, and filter further by location, a specific kiosk/machine at a certain location, and by model/machine.

Report Definitions

  • Gross Sales by Item

This section of the report shows how your sales were received (such as mobile app purchases, regular kiosk item purchases, buy-up purchases, code redemption's, prepaid passes (RFID), value cards etc.). In addition to seeing the dollar amount, the report also shows you how that dollar amount relates as a percentage of total sales. The additional 'Comp' columns to the right allow you to compare current data with historical data.

  • Income Detail

This section of the report breaks down your income by cash, credit card, Pay As You Go, and fleet/value card.

  • Refund Detail

This section of the report shows how many refunds were issued via credit card and cash.

  • Redeemed Details

This section reports the dollar values of all promotional items that have been redeemed, such as deal codes from the mobile app, bundle codes, wash codes, receipt codes, Tokenote's etc.).

For example
if you offer a Free Basic $5 Wash through the mobile app for your grand opening, $5.00 will be reported in the AppDealCode line even though you have not actually received that $5.00. Similarly, if a customer enters a code coupon to get $1 off your $10 wash, $10 will be reported in the Code Coupon line, even though you have received $9.00 for the transaction.

Usage Report[edit | edit source]

The Usage report lets you see how many times specific items have been used.


Report Definitions

  • Kiosk Items

This report shows the quantity of items that have been purchased within your chosen time frame. For example, if 'Item 1' was your 'Ultimate Wash' and the number being shown was '71', you sold 71 Ultimate Washes within the time frame you selected. You can filter this report by date range, location, and item.

  • Buy Ups

This report shows the quantity of buy-ups that have been purchased within your chosen time frame. You can filter this report by date range, location, and item.

  • Timers

This report shows the usage of your self serve bays. It can be filtered by date and location, and information provided is date of use, time of use, # of activations, time used, and the average time used.

Sales Transactions[edit | edit source]

This report breaks down every transaction as an individual line item.

The report displays the following information:

  • Time and date of a transaction.
  • Transaction Type (sale, refund, change).
  • Locations can also be identified for each individual transaction.
  • The kiosk Model type and Terminal Name for each transaction
  • Terminal ID is displayed
  • Each transaction is also labeled with a Kiosk Record ID
  • Transaction Record ID is generated that can be used to view individual transactions in-depth

Expiring Cards[edit | edit source]

This report allows you to identify customer credit cards that are on file that expire within 30, 60, or even 90 days.

Mobile App[edit | edit source]

These reports are focused on the transactions and user interactions that occur solely on the Hamilton Custom Mobile App.

Wash Club Activity[edit | edit source]

This summary page breaks down individual wash club users, the cost of the club, the usage count and the revenue per wash in a grid at the bottom of the page.
A bar chart takes up the upper half of the page to show at quick glance, how many customers utilized the wash club washes in a set period of time. Clicking next to a user's name listed below the chart will expand the information to display what locations that user was at when they used a wash club.

App Revenue[edit | edit source]

By default, the Revenue report will show you the Month-to-Date data. You can specify any date range, to display the revenue generated by individual wash purchases, bundle purchases, recurring wash club payments, customers who signed up for a wash club, and even AirPay transactions. A quantity and total is displayed for each as well as an accumulated grand total.

Redeemed Washes[edit | edit source]

By default, the Redeemed Washes report will show you Month-to-Date data. You can specify any date range, to display the revenue generated by redeemed washes.
The date of redemption is displayed on the far left along with a Terminal identifier and model of the kiosk if available. The code generated as well as code type, specific wash and the price of the wash are also displayed.

Wash Club Report[edit | edit source]

The Wash Club Report lists all of your active club users, the package they’re paying for, and breaks down their use by location. You can view the total amount of washes they have used for the month, and see what your average revenue per wash (per customer) is. This is calculated by dividing their plan cost by the volume of washes they have redeemed.</p>

The bottom of the report also lists an average revenue per wash figure for all wash club members (total of all monthly revenue divided by total number of all wash club uses), and an average revenue per wash figure for each club plan (for example, total monthly revenue for Ultimate Club members divided by total number of Ultimate Club uses).

The Wash Club Report allows you to easily assess the structure of your plan (am I priced too high? Too low? Should I change from Unlimited washes to one per day?), as well as purge out any users potentially abusing the system.

Wash Club Invoices[edit | edit source]

This report breaks down the wash club invoices and the current status of those based upon the start and end date filter. You can selectively choose to hide or show inactive accounts as well as filter the report based on Invoice status. An invoice ID is given for each individual transaction and links to Invoice document for saving or printing. A definition of invoice definitions is listed below. This report also lists the date the invoice was paid as well as a quick link to the right of each invoice to jump directly to a customer's account settings.

Invoice Definitions

  • Pending: This invoice is in the process of being submitted for payment.
  • Charge Error: The card on file either has insufficient funds or has expired. Please contact the customer to identify the issue with the charge.
  • Error: Something has occurred that did not allow the charge to go through. Double check the customers information and card info to make sure there are no errors. You may contact Hamilton Customer Service for further information.
  • Paid: The invoice was charged and paid successfully; you should see a Date Paid in the lower report.
  • Canceled: The customer has either cancelled their membership or there has been a change to the account which deems it no longer valid.

AirPay Transactions[edit | edit source]

A quick and easy report that displays all the relative AirPay information. You can confirm the amount as well as the card information that was registered to that specific Airpay transaction. The card holders First and Last name is also displayed for confirmation.</p>

AirPay Revenue by Location[edit | edit source]

Similar to the AirPay Transactions record up above. This report quickly sorts out the AirPay transactions by location. A separate drop down is provided for each location. Within the drop down for a specific location you can find a quick summary of transactions sorted by date. You can find the card holder's First and Last name as well as a registered email address and the type of kiosk the transaction was made at. The amount is listed for each individual transaction as well as an overall sum at the bottom of each drop down location.

Promo Code Report[edit | edit source]

This report provides a way to monitor the usage of the various promo codes created through Hosted Solutions for use on the custom mobile app. A drop down menu is provided to sort through individual promo codes or all created promo codes. Two central buttons are located at the top of the page beneath the drop down choice selector that allow you to at a glance quickly decide how many promo codes have been claimed by users and how many of the promo codes have actually been used by users that have claimed them. Each button can be clicked to quickly filter the report to display just those codes that have been claimed or used.

Claimed Deal Report[edit | edit source]

To break down the amount of deals being claimed as opposed to how many deals are actually redeemed, this report allows you to seperate them and be able to identify the deals and promotions that are more popular amongst your customers.

Set your start date and your end date to limit the range of days you would like to get a report on. If you wish to include insight into your promotional codes, you may check the box labeled "Show Promos".

To provide a quick visual separation, you will see a large blue banner and a large green banner. These banners display at quick glance the count of Claimed and Redeemed deals respectively. The table beneath these banners will break down that information to :

  • Member Name
  • Email
  • Deal Name
  • Code
  • Claimed Date
  • Redeemed Date

App Referral Report[edit | edit source]

Extras[edit | edit source]

Frequently Asked Questions[edit | edit source]

Q: In a pre-paid Account if not all washes are used; do the remaining washes roll over to the following month ?
A: If your balance is 10 washes and you have 5 remaining at the end of the month they will be reset at the beginning of a new month.

Q: How do I cancel a washclub member correctly ?
A: Set the customers billing cycle from "Active" to "End Billing Pending" this allows the customer to use the wash club for the remainder of their pre-paid period. After which point the account will automatically shut off. To re-enroll the customer just needs to go through the sign up process like they did the first time.

Q: If I have an invoice from a Express Customer; How do I identify the customer from the invoice ?
A: Note the Transaction ID on the invoice and follow these few steps

  1. Navigate to Reporting > ExpressPass> All Usage
  2. Narrow the date filter to the date of the Invoice.
  3. Click the Binoculars and enter the invoice ID.
  4. Press Find Next.

Wash Club Status Definitions[edit | edit source]

  • Active : The current account is active and will be billed normally.
  • Inactive : The current account is no longer active and cannot redeem awards, or be billed.
  • CreditHold : This will pause billing for a customer. This pauses the account without closing it and is usually caused by a failed card transaction.
  • End Billing Pending : To end an account at the end of billing cycle. This will have the account go inactive after the current billing.
  • Billing Hold : Suspended billing and redemption of a users wash club. Use this if a user is traveling and will not be back for an extended period of time.
  • None : Default Value before activation

It should be noted that although currently it may seem like CreditHold and Billing Hold function the same. They are for different purposes and in the near future, one of these options may be removed for clarity

E-Xact Hosted Checkout Configuration[edit | edit source]

  • The first step in setting up Hosted Checkout is starting the process to obtain a production account with E-xact Transactions.
  • Log in to
  • If you have multiple accounts select the account that has the Gateway ID entered in Hosted Solutions.
  • Make sure you have a Terminal with the E-Commerce Transaction (CVV2) type. This Terminals Gateway ID and password should be the Gateway ID and password entered in Hosted Solutions.
  • Select Payment Pages
  • Click Create New Payment Page
  • Fill out Payment Page Title and Notification Email
  • Click Next
  • Check Enable Credit Card Payments
  • Select the Merchant and Terminal
  • Click Next
  • Under Receipt Page Settings select Link to the receipt page including result parameters using HTTP POST method (POST)
  • Click Next
  • Skip Receipt Emails
  • Skip Appearance
  • Under Encryption Type select MD5
  • If Transaction Key and/or Response Key are blank click Generate New Transaction/Response Key
  • Click Create
  • Click on the Payment Page ID for the Payment Page you just created.
  • Click on Hash Calculator.
  • On the Hash Calculator copy both the Login(x_login) and Transaction Key value. These are both used for the E-xact Hosted settings on Hosted Solutions.
  • In Hosted Solutions Select E-xact Hosted in your Loyalty Settings.
  • Enter your Gateway ID and password, and the Login(x_login) value and Transaction Key.