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Hosted Solutions Guide - Ver. 1.5 - 7/2021

About Hosted Solutions[edit | edit source]

What is Hosted Solutions Hosted Solutions Features Menu
Hosted Solutions is a cloud-based platform developed by Hamilton Manufacturing.

At its core Hosted Solutions, allows a site owner and other designated users the ability to manage loyalty initiatives and track business data for single or multiple locations. However, the functionality of Hosted Solutions does not stop there. With an easy to use interface and the ability to access it from anywhere there is an internet connection, Hosted Solutions is the cornerstone to tomorrow's car wash industry. Within Hosted Solutions, a site can manage Mobile App users, Deals and promotions, loyalty awards and referral tracking, and check the day to day finances from the comfort of an office or on the go.

  • Quick View Dashboard
    • Get valuable insight into your entire business at a glance.
  • In-Depth Reports
    • Access detailed reports from specific sites and kiosks.
  • Custom Mobile App
    • Leverage mobile technology to bring your site and service to more people.
  • ExpressPass RFID and LPR
    • RFID management suite baked in for quick subscription management.
  • LPR License Plate Recognition
    • Skipped RFID ? say hello to LPR, Same great features, faster service.
  • Wash Bundles
    • Create, manage, and track Wash Bundles to encourage returning customers.
  • Single Use Code
    • Produce wash codes quickly and assign custom rules.
  • Multi User Accounts
    • Control access to features among multiple user accounts.
  • Top of the Industry Customer Service
    • Hamilton Customer Service is here to help, and have been for the last 100 years.
Main Menu.PNG

First Time Setup[edit | edit source]

This section is recommended before going any further. The items in this section will make sure that all the required information has been entered into Hosted Solutions. This information will build the foundation for all services and features that are utilized through the rest of Hosted Solutions.

How to Sign in[edit | edit source]

Sign In Screenshot

Access Hosted Solutions by visiting in your browser.

  1. Enter your Email address that was used when your account was created.
  2. Enter the password associated with this account.
  3. If you forgot your password use the "Forgot password?" link at the bottom of the sign in window.
  4. If your credentials are all set, Click Sign In.
  5. You will be prompted to read and accept the Terms and Conditions. This is mandatory to be able to utilize the Hosted Solutions platform. If you have serious account issues, Hamilton Customer Service can assist you.
Login Screen

Setting up the Dashboard[edit | edit source]

About the Dashboard Editing the Dashboard Screenshots

The Hosted Solutions dashboard can be configured to display various types of information about your business. Data is displayed in lists, pie charts, and bar graphs. More information on the functionality of each widget can be found on the Dashboard Widgets page.


Dashboard Widgets Page.

By default, all widgets are displayed. To change what is displayed, perform the following:

  • Click the Tool icon in the upper-right corner of the screen​​​​​​
Tool Icon
  • From the pop-out menu, select the options you want to display
  • Click 'Save'

Hosted Solutions will automatically arrange the widgets. However, by selecting 'Edit' in this same menu, you can move the widgets around to create a customized arrangement.

[[File:|thumb|center|200px|Edit Dashboard]]

Setting Up Kiosk Items[edit | edit source]

It is crucial to set up Kiosk Items when first using Hosted Solutions. If these are not established, you will be unable to create Awards, issue Codes, or configure items to sell in the Custom Mobile App.

Creating a Kiosk Item or Bundle Item/Bundle Field Descriptions Screenshots
  1. Click the gear icon on the left sidebar, it is labeled Settings. This will drop down the Settings sub menu.
  2. Click on Kiosk Items. An empty six-column table will load.
  3. Click 'New' in the far-right column to create your first item.
  4. Click Save. Once you have filled in the details listed below. Your kiosk item will now be saved.
Repeat the process until you have added all of the items you want to vend.

Creating Kiosk Items.
  • Item Type: Can be set to "Wash" or to Bundle. This is based upon the package being offered at the kiosk.
  • Item ID: This should correspond with the same Item ID in the kiosk.
  • SKU: Enter a SKU that can easily identify your item, for example 'UltimateWash'.
  • Price: The sales price of the corresponding package.
  • Name: The name of the corresponding package. In this example, it would be 'Ultimate Wash'.
  • Details: Details outlining what is available with this kiosk item. This can be used to populate product details for the mobile app.
Kiosk items.PNG
New item.png

NOTE: If the package 'Ultimate Wash' is assigned as 'Item 1' in the kiosk, the Item ID in Hosted Solutions must also be Item 1.

Setting Up Locations[edit | edit source]

Forms Details Screenshots

A Site Analysis Form is included in the Hosted Solutions order form

  • Hamilton requests that one of these forms is completed for each location you want reporting and connected to Hosted Solutions.
  • This allows us to set up all of your location data prior to activation of your subscription.
  • While you may add or edit locations yourself from within Hosted Solutions.
It is highly recommended you only use this ability when you are adding or editing location details
HHS SiteAnalysis.PNG
HS2 Locations.PNG

Setting up Merchant Account Information[edit | edit source]

Set Up Your Merchant Gateway Choices Screenshot

To process credit cards for ExpressPass (RFID/LPR) and the Mobile App, you will need to save your merchant account information to Hosted Solutions.

  1. Navigate to SETTINGS > Credit Card Settings in the side navigation menu.
  2. Here you will have the option of choosing your Default Processor and entering in your account specific data.
  • Exact: This is the legacy account for E-xact processing. For compatibility we keep this option but highly recommend the Exact Hosted choice.
  • Exact Hosted: This is the preferred selection for our US based customers who are currently not using EMV readers and are utilizing the E-xact gateway. This also provides service to our Canadian customers who utilize the Hamilton Custom Mobile App. Click here for detailed instructions.
  • Moneris: This selection is the current provider in our Canadian regions that handle EMV transactions. This is only for if a site does not utilize the Hamilton Custom Mobile App.
  • Payment Express: Another legacy gateway to provide compatibility to some of our early adopters of EMV and Hosted Solutions.
  • Worldpay: Our newest gateway that handles EMV/Mobile transactions in the US. This selection supports both the Hamilton Custom Mobile App as well as EMV equipped kiosks.
Credit Card Settings

Setting Up Email[edit | edit source]

SMTP Basics Screenshot
It is important to associate an email account to Hosted Solutions during the initial set up. This will allow you to email receipts, invoices, and codes to customers.
  1. Click SETTINGS > Email Setup. You will see a simple form that needs to be completed with the following fields:
    • Email Address: This is the email address you will use to send outgoing emails.
    • Email Name: The name that will be shown to email recipients. Most commonly, it will be your business name.
    • SMTP Username: The email address you will use to send email. If this varies from your Email Address then please uncheck "SMTP Username same as From Email Address"
    • SMTP Password: The password for your email account.
    • SMTP Server: The server you are going to connect to for sending email. For example, if you were using Yahoo, the server address would look like this:
    • SMTP Port: This is determined by your email provider. Typically this is 465 or 587
    • Use SSL: You must verify this with your ISP or email provider. Most modern SMTP servers require this.
  2. Click Save
  3. Test Email Settings (optional): click the 'Test Email' button to send an email test to any address you specify. If the test address receives the 'Email Test' message, you have successfully configured your email settings.

User Management[edit | edit source]

Adding or Editing a Hosted Solutions User Roles and Definitions Screenshot

Click on Settings>User Management, You will see a list of all current users. On this screen you can :

  • Edit existing users
  • Delete existing users
  • Add a New User

If you are creating a new user, you will require a username and a valid email address that the user can access. When editing an existing user, you can make changes to the username or roles the user is eligible for.

  • Administrator: Users with this checked can make unrestricted changes to Hosted Solutions. This includes prices, discounts, codes, adding or removing other users and all other functions of the platform.
  • Edit loyalty Account: Users with this checked can make changes to ExpressPass existing account settings such as ; Card Info, Account Settings, Members, etc.
  • Manage App Users: Users with this checked can make changes to Mobile User accounts. This includes password resets and changes to contact info. A user with these rights can also edit any Wash Club, or Loyalty options as well as remove a credit card on file.
  • Media Activation: Users with this checked can make changes to ExpressPass users identification media, such as adding a new License Plate or a new RFID Tag number.
  • Notifications: Users with this checked can view the notifications page, and send mobile users messages on behalf of the company.
  • Setup Loyalty Account: Users with this checked can register new ExpressPass members and setup accounts for RFID.
  • View Dashboard: Users with this checked can view the revenue and audit information provided by the dashboard widgets.
  • View Reports: Users with this checked can view and run various reporting features to ascertain sales performance at each location. This includes the Reporting menu.
User Management

[edit | edit source]

Customize Your Invoices and Reports Dimension Details Screenshot
If you want to add a touch of personalization to your invoices and reports, you can assign a logo to be printed on various reports, emailed receipts, and invoices. To do this simply follow these four easy steps.

  1. Click SETTINGS > Logos
  2. CLick 'Edit'.
  3. Browse your computer for the location that has your logo saved.
  4. Select 'Upload Image'

Maximum allowed dimensions are:

  • 400px Wide
  • 200px Tall
HS2 logoInfo.PNG

Reporting[edit | edit source]

Reporting Options Reporting Sections Screenshot
Hosted Solutions offers a variety of reporting methods that can be exported in various different file formats. There are four main categories that are used to break down reporting sections and provide a faster and easier way to locate sales information.

For In-Depth details about Hosted Solutions Reporting features please visit
The Hosted Solutions Reporting Page.

1. Sales & Usage The site as a whole picture. Under this header you can find ways to separate and identify such things as daily and hourly reporting as well as total revenue being generated and current sales transactions. You can even identify credit cards of customers that will be expiring within a 30, 60, or 90 day time frame.
2. Mobile App Reporting features that are designed to give you insight into the effectiveness and success of your custom mobile app. If you have a custom mobile app with us, then this is your direct window into how the app is being used by your customers daily. Here you can find washes being purchased to how many times they use AirPay or promotions. You will even find any washclub reports in this category.
3. ExpressPass The category designed to provide a central location to see an overview of your RFID customers activity as well as detailed account usage and invoices.
4. Codes Quick and easy way to find what single use codes have been generated and who the code was distributed to, as well as the item associated with it. The liability report can show you how much value you currently have out in codes and help you adjust expiration dates and times to reduce overall liability.

Reporting Menu

Mobile App[edit | edit source]

Mobile App Details Features Screenshot
The Hamilton Custom Mobile App program is an optional feature within Hosted Solutions that allows you to operate and manage your own, unique mobile app. Branded to your car wash and available to your customers through Google Play and the Apple App Store, it allows users to purchase washes & wash bundles, claim deals, earn loyalty rewards, join a monthly wash club, pay for transactions at the kiosk via AirPAY, view your locations, and gift services to friends and family.
The Mobile App Homescreen

For In-Depth details about Hosted Solutions and the Mobile App features please visit
The Mobile App Page.

  • Purchase Single Washes and Wash Bundles
  • Claim Deals and Promotional Codes
  • Customer loyalty Reward Program
  • Customer Referral Reward Program
  • Monthly Wash Clubs
  • AirPay Transactions
  • Quick access to locations
  • Gift Program for friends and family
The Mobile App Menu

ExpressPass[edit | edit source]

About ExpressPass Features Screenshots

Hamilton ExpressPass RFID is an access control system that offers a faster and more convenient way for customers to gain entry to services.

  • Using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), ExpressPass reads a unique chip embedded in a windshield-mounted, tamper-proof tag. It then validates the account holder information in a secure database, before vending the appropriate service.
  • It allows a quick, personalized experience for the customer which in turn can increase throughput and customer loyalty.
  • Business cash flow can also be improved through recurring subscriptions.
  • The backend configuration and management is controlled in Hosted Solutions.

ExpressPass is available for Hamilton's HTK, CTK, Commander, and Gold Line® products, as well as in a stand-alone express lane configuration.

How to set up Expresspass

Types of Awards

  • Item - Vend a complete service when the RFID tag is read (i.e. The Ultimate Wash item)
  • Transaction Dollar Discount - Take a little bit off the price off any wash purchase when the RFID tag is read.
  • Item Dollar Discounts - Reduce the cost of a specific wash item when the RFID tag is read.

Types of Pass Programs

  • Pay as You Go This type of pass will automatically charge the credit card each time the pass is used.
  • PrePaid A customer pays a monthly or yearly fee to obtain your services. This is the most common pass type used for 'Unlimited' wash club/programs.
  • Fleet This allows a customer to use the pass as much as they want, with a bill generated for their use at the end of each month.

ExpressPass Menu

Codes[edit | edit source]

About Codes Features Screenshots

You can offer customers various types of codes through Hosted Solutions. These codes can be for Wash bundles, and for rewash. Some codes could even be used to help drive further business at your site. These different types and usage suggestions can be found on the Code page following the link beneath this section.

Code Details

• Issue Rewash Codes instantly for a customer or send via email.
• Offer various businesses "bulk" single use codes.
• Issue a code on the bottom of a receipt to support a wash bundle.
• Flexible expiration settings for Single Use Codes.

Codes menu.PNG

Frequently Asked Questions[edit | edit source]

Questions Answers
How do I cancel a Wash Club member correctly ? Set the customers billing cycle from "Active" to "End Billing Pending" this allows the customer to use the wash club for the remainder of their pre-paid period. After which point the account will automatically shut off. To re-enroll the customer just needs to go through the sign up process like they did the first time. In a coming App update, users will be able to do this from the app underneath "Wash Club Management"
In a pre-paid Account if not all washes are used; do the remaining washes roll over to the following month ? No, if your balance is 10 washes and you have 5 remaining at the end of the month they will be reset at the beginning of a new month.
If I have an invoice from a Express Customer; How do I identify the customer from the invoice ? Note the Transaction ID on the invoice and follow these few steps
  1. Navigate to Reporting > ExpressPass> All Usage
  2. Narrow the date filter to the date of the Invoice.
  3. Click the Binoculars and enter the invoice ID.
  4. Press Find Next.
Is there a Management App or Hosted Solutions Owner App ? No, currently the Hosted Solutions Web page is accessible via any web connected device, and the web site is designed to scale with various screen resolutions. Hamilton has no current plans for a management app.
Where can I find the default text values for the various fields in Hosted Solutions ? Check out The Default Content page.
I want to give my wash club member a free month, how do I do that ? Setting Billing Start Date would work. The setting name is slightly misleading. Setting Billing Start Date to a future date prevents an account from billing before that date. Billing will happen on the day specified by Billing Day. Something to keep in mind when setting Billing Start Date... If you have an account that is set to bill on tonight 7/20, you would set Billing start Date to 8/20. This would cause the system to skip to nights billing. If the account was already billed for the month, say on 7/15, you need to set Billing Start Date to 9/15 to give away a free month.
Is there a way to offer Family or Group wash clubs ? This is possible but lacks the finesse that is currently present in the RFID/Express Pass solution. Set Up a Family Plan.
A Wash Club member got a new phone. Why can't they claim the wash club ? This is due to the Wash Club being "Married" to the phone that originally bought the Wash Club. To release the old device and allow a new device to access the membership, navigate to Mobile App and the User Grid in Hosted Solutions. Find your Wash Club member who has a new phone and click on the user name. Scroll down the user's account page until you see WASH CLUB MANAGEMENT and expand the menu. You will see a yellow button that says "RELEASE DEVICE ID" . Click this button and have the app user completely log out of the mobile app and log back in. When they tap the Wash Club button they should now be able to claim the subscribed wash club.