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Welcome to the Hamilton Wiki. This resource currently provides documentation on Hamilton's Hosted Solutions software. Click on a relevant link to get started, or use the search bar to search for specific key words.

Latest Updates

Current System Requirements for Hosted Solutions:

  • HTK must be version 4.7.0 or higher
  • HTK will need “Activate pass-through license”
  • D.A.N. must be version 5.73 or higher.

Getting Started

Looking for something specific ? The links included below should be able to get you started. Need more support ? Contact our

Here you can find out the latest news about our equipment and services. Need to send in a repair ? Looking for a distributor or a copy of that user manual ? You can find that and more on the Hamilton Manufacturing website. 
The current user guide for Hosted Solutions. Features, functions and general definitions can be found here. This document is under construction to provide the latest information for Hosted Solutions. Check back often. 
The original Hosted Solutions user guide. Still a great resource for definitions and usage of some functions. Hosted Solutions underwent a HUGE visual change and re-organization during the upgrade, please do not use this to find current functions. See the updated user guide above for new information. Historical Purposes Only
  • Mobile App tutorial coming soon
A starter guide and tutorial for those new to the Custom Mobile App and how to take advantage of its functions and features.