Single Use Code Setup

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The Single Use Code setup page


  1. From the main menu, select CODES > Single Use Code. Your Kiosk Items will display in a table (if you do not see Kiosk Items, you must create them first).
  2. Select the Kiosk Item you wish to create a code for.
  3. Set a desired expiration time/date for the code.
  4. Enter the quantity of codes you wish to issue.
  5. Select if you want to either email the code, or simply generate a code number:
    1. If 'Email Code' is selected, you will then need to enter a recipients email address in Step 6.
    2. If 'Email Code' is not selected, a nine-digit code will be displayed once you complete the setup. You will be responsible for distributing this code.
  6. Enter the email address of the customer you wish to send the code to.
  7. Click the 'Create Code' button.

Email recipients will receive their code(s) immediately. If you send one code, the QR code is attached to the email as a PDF and also rendered as a JPEG image in the body of the email. If you send multiple single use codes to a recipient, they will only receive a PDF that contains the QR codes (there will be no QR codes embedded in the email body).

These single use codes can be scanned at a barcode reader (when equipped) or entered on a keypad for redemption.

Default Expiration Time

You can set a default expiration time for single use codes for greater convenience. Go to CODES > Setup > Settings to configure.